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Note on Trade and Storage License as per Bombay Provincial Municipal Corporation Act, 1949

Dear Sir,

Please find below Note to engage in the Business of Private Security Agency and we will be glad to provide the following services to your esteemed organization:

 Background:
As per clause 376 of Bombay Provincial Municipal Corporation Act, 1949 Certain things not to be kept and certain trades and operations not to be carried on, without Storage license:-
1) Except under and in conformity with the terms and conditions of license granted by the Commissioner, no person shall:-
(a) keep in or upon any premises any article specified in the rules :-
(i) in any quantity or in excess of the quantity specified in the rules as the maximum quantity of such article which may at one time be kept in or upon the same premises without a license, and
(ii) for any purpose whatever or for sale or for other than domestic use as may be specified in the case of each article in the rules;
(b) keep in or upon any building intended for or used as a dwelling or within fifteen feet of such building, cotton in pressed bales or boras or loose in quantity exceeding four hundred-weight;
(c) keep, or allow to be kept, in or upon any premises, horses, cattle or other four footed animals–
(i) for sale,
(ii) for letting out on hire,
(iii) for any purpose for which any charge is made or any remuneration is received, or
(iv) for sale of any produce thereof ;
(d) carry on, or allow to be carried on, in or upon any premises–
(i) any of the trades or operations connected with any trade specified in the rules ;
(ii) any trade or operation which in the opinion of the Commissioned is dangerous to life or health or property, or likely to create a nuisance either from its nature, or by reason of the manner in which or the conditions under which, the same is, or is proposed to be, carried on ;
2) It shall be in the discretion of the Commissioner:-
to grant any license referred to in sub-section (1) subject to such restrictions or conditions (if any) as he shall think fit to prescribe, or to withhold any such license.
3) Every person to whom a license by granted the Commissioner shall keep such license in or upon the premises, if any, to which it relates.
License granted on the basis of size of premises of Business and capacity of storage. Government fee also calculated on the basis of size of Business premises.
 Services we provide :

We provide following services:-

1) Compilation of Documents
2) Preparation of documents for applying for Trade and Storage License

We also provide other related services as per your instructions if required:
1) NOC for Fire Department
2) NOC form Health Department
3) NOC form PWD
4) Shop Act License
5) To do all related activities for obtaining various licenses and registrations to do business smoothly.
 Documents Required:-
1) Application form
2) 3 copies of Blue print of Business premises
3) Current year Tax Receipt
4) Memorandum and Article of Association
5) Commencement and Completion Certificate
6) NOC form PWD
7) Fire Department NOC
8) NOC of Residential Neighbors
9) Copy of Rent Agreement
10) Shop Act License
11) Affidavit of Undertaking on 100/- Rs. Stamp paper
12) NOC from Health Department

 Place of Rendering Services:

The place of rendering services generally shall be our office situated at 496/B, Om Apt., 2nd Floor, Near KCC Classes, KasbaPeth, Pune-411011.

Note:For complete procedural formalities, fees will be as discussed in the meeting.
For us clients are important and we are interested in always keeping long term relationships with our client.

If any query please feel free to contact.

Thanking you and assuring best of our professional services.

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