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AGMARK is a certification mark employed on agricultural products in India, assuring that they conform to a set of standards approved by the Directorate of Marketing and Inspection, an agency of the Government of India. The AGMARK is legally enforced in India by the Agricultural Produce (Grading and Marking) Act of 1937 (and amended in 1986). The present AGMARK standards cover quality guidelines for 213 different commodities spanning a variety of pulses, cereals, essential oils, vegetable oils, fruits and vegetables and semi-processed products like vermicelli.

In your case:-
Agmark Registration is available only on Ghee and Creamery Butter (in heading of Livestock, Dairy & Poultry Products) under the Agricultural Produce (Grading and Marking) Act, 1986.

Grade designation and definition of quality of ghee:-
Grade designation Definition of quality
Texture Color General
1 2 3 4
Special The solid phase shall be of well defined granular structure. White with or without yellowish or greenish tint, and shall be uniform throughout The ghee shall be pure, clarified milk fat only and shall have a natural, sweet, pleasant odour, agreeable taste and free from rancid or other objectionable flavour. The ghee shall be free from excess moisture and on melting it shall be clear, transparent and free from sediment or foreign coloring matter. The ghee shall be characteristic of the type of milk (cow, buffalo or mixed) from which it is produced and of the season of the year and the place or district where it is produced.
General Same as above Same as above Same as above
Standard The definition of quality shall be the same as laid down under the Prevention of Food Adulteration Rules 1955, as amended from time to time.

A. Registration with Government authority:
As per rules and regulations applicable to applicants.
B. Place of rendering Services:
The place of rendering services generally shall be our office situated at 2nd Floor, 496/B,Om Apartment, Near KCC Classes, Kasba Peth, Pune – 411 011.

Documents Required:


1. Property Paper

2. Certificate of Incorporation

3. Fire Safety Certificate

4. List of Machinery

5. Site Plan / Key Plan

6. Logo Registration Copy

7. Trade Brand Label

8. Medical Fitness Certificate

9. Two Responsible Person

10. Fitness Certificate
11. DVAT
12. Pan Company
13. Bank Certificate
14. Resolution (if applicable)
15. ID & Address Proof of company.
16. Latest Electricity Bill Copy
17. List of Product
18. Quantity of Daily Production
19. Pan Director
20. Five Letter Head
21. If the company Have Laboratory Then Lab Test Report of Product
22. Director’s Address & ID Proof

The process for obtaining Agmark License from Department of Agmark will takes about 45-70 working days.

The final duration of certifying process and issuing the certificate is subject to criteria of registration body.

For us clients are important and we are interested in keeping long term relationship with client’s always.

In case of any query please feel free to contact.

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