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What is GeM Registration ?



  1. INTRODUCTION: (Government E- Market)

Gem is E -Market Place for all the entrepreneur who want to sell their products directly to the government departments. It is a very simple, effective and cost less process. Entrepreneurs can directly access the government departments needs through GeM Portal. Gem is dynamic, self sustaining and user friendly portal for making procurement by Government officers.

The Central government has connected all government departments with the government e- Market place (GeM). Now government departments will buy goods and services for their use through e-portal GeM.

The Government e-Marketplace (Gem) is a government e commerce portal. It acts as a one stop shop to facilitate and enable easy online procurement of the consumer goods & services that are needed by various government sectors. The main objective of the Gem is to ensure transparency effectiveness and promptness in the procurement of supplies. Gem is a portal where the buyers and sellers can register their products either through direct purchase or auction. The department contacts the registered person and gives them business with government to meet up the different needs of government at the lowest price.

  • Listing of products for individual, prescribed categories of Goods/ Services of common use
  • Look, estimate, compare and buying facility on dynamic pricing basis.
  • Market place buying of majority of common User Items.
  • Buying Goods and Services online, as and when required.
  • Single window system for aggregating demands and ordering.
  • Transparency and ease of buying.
  • Useful for low value buying and also for bulk buying at competitive price using Reverse   Auction/ e-bidding.
  • Continuous vendor rating system.
  • User friendly dash board for buying and monitoring supplies and payments.
  • Return policy.
  • Rich listing of products for individual categories of Goods/Services.
  • Transparent and Efficient process.
  • Search, Compare, Select and Buy facility.
  • Buying Goods and Services online, as and when required through web portal.
  • User-friendly dash board for  easy Buying and  monitoring supplies and  payments.
  • Easy Return policy with no efforts.
  • One stop shop for marketing with minimal efforts.
  • One stop shop for bids / reverse auction on products / services.
  • New Product Suggestion facility available to Sellers.
  • Seller friendly dashboard for selling and monitoring of supplies and payments.
  • Direct access to all Government departments.
  • Dynamic pricing.
  • New Product Suggestion facility available to Sellers.
  • Aadhar Card
  • Mobile number which is linked with Aadhar.
  • Email ids hosted by NIC, only NIC registered Email ids are allowed, this would  facilitate users   from all 1600+ domains to freely register and transact on Gem.
  • Verifying authority details such as name, mobile number and NIC registered email id.

Note: In case the user does not have an email id which is hosted by NIC s/he would be directed to open Gem buyer id email.

  • Name of Constitution Proprietorship, Firm, Company, Trust or Society and Central Government/State Government.
  • Aadhar Number, E-mail Id or PAN of the user (Authorized signatory of ITR)
  • For Aadhar based registrations, mobile number which is linked with the Aadhar is required.
  • Documents such as CIN, PAN, DIPP, UAM, ITR,  details as per the constitution of the organization may be required for seller registration.
  • Address of the organization.
  • Bank account details of the organization
  • Nature of business and list of product sell at gems portal.
  • Udyam Certificate (MSME)
  • GST Certificate


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