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Note for registration of FL3 (FL III)License

Dear Sir,

This is with reference to ourdiscussion in meeting connection with the registration of FL3 license.

To open a Restaurant in Pune one need to take as many as thirty three Licenses/Certificate from various government authorities, for a Permit room another nine licenses are required. We have listed below, various licenses required to open and operate a Restaurant and/or Permit room in Pune.

As discussed we are clarifying you detail note on running of business. As per Indian Law and Municipal Laws under jurisdiction of Pune.

A) Services to be rendered:

1. Apply for FL3 License
2. Preparation of documents, Agreement of proposed FL3 license
3. Filing of Forms with concern departments
4. Liasioning with various departments.
5. To do all related activities till obtaining Certificate of FL3 License.

Documents Required for FL3 License:

1. Shops & Establishment Certificate
2. PMC Health License (to serve food)
3. PMC Health Madera License (to serve Liquor)
4. Maharashtra License under Food and Drug control Act, Govt. of India
5. Grading Certificate namely, I, II or III
6. Weather Frame / Chapra / Sign Board License of PMC under License Department
7. Medical/Health Certificate of the Kitchen Staff on yearly basis (Especially of
8. Food Handlers)
9. Water Connection Certificate as per Grade.
10. Drainage Inspection Certificate once in two years
11. Neon-Sign Board or Glow Sign Board License-provided it carries any advertisement
12. PMC: Pollution Clearance Certificate-from Environment Department,
13. Maharashtra State’s Weights & Measurement Department Certificate and itsapproval every year as per the M.W. & M Act, 1976, 1977, 1985 AmendmentAct, 1987 and MRP.
14. ESIC Registration for the shop employing more than ten staffs under Govt. ofIndia ESIC Rule 50.51 and 1952.
15. Provident Fund Registration, if number of employees is more than twenty.
16. Maintenance of Register of working staff on daily basis and temporary basis forthe inspection.
17. Professional Tax Registration of Employees.
18. Professional Tax Registration for Employer. Certificate of Registration under Sub Sec. 1 of Sec 5 MAH/L Tax on Profession, Trade and Employment Act, 1975.
19. Permission from Electric Supply Companies to operate heavy machine like AirConditioners,Cooling Plant, M/C, Grinding M/C etc., (Department PWP)
20. Permission to operate more than two cylinder of gas at a time from PMC, HealthDepartment.
21. Permission & Certificate from CFO from fire department to operate more thantwo gas cylinders in hotel premises.
22. Insurance of entire shop (Hotel) against natural calamities, fire, theft, robbery orany other damages (Not mandatory but advisable to do).
23. Maintenance of Payment Register as per Bonus Act a & B 1965 (Annual Returnsin Form-D)
24. Police Registration Certificate
25. License to keep place of Public Entertainment-by Bombay Police Act, 1951
26. Sales Tax Registration Certificate under Bombay Sales Tax under Sec. 22/22A-1059.
27. Sales Tax Registration Certificate for Permit Room on Monthly Return basisSales Tax Act, 1998.
28. PNR for the said Hotel Or Restaurant Business from Income Tax Department
29. The Indian Performing Rights Society Ltd., Govt. of India. Copy Right Office Department of Education Form II D (See Rule 14B 1952)
30. PPL (Phonographic Performance License) for sound recorded music, Royalty tothe singer etc., u/s. 33 (B) of CRA 1957
31. Bank Guarantee Certificate for opening new Permit Room in said Hotel,equivalent to the existing license fee on the date of issue.
32. Nokarnama of each Employee’s Certificate with photograph. Form F.L.XIV Rule (2) 49 40 (2) FOR PERMIT ROOMS
33. State Excise and Prohibition License for Permit Room Renewal every year.
34. Excise Account Register
Brand wise FLR 1/A
Register Book FLR3/A
Excise Register: FLR 6-Rule 15 (b)
35. Individual Permit No Register Book
36. Excise Total Account Register on FLR-3
37. Excise Beer Register-Form BEER-A
38. Monthly Statement of Excise Log Book-Form FLR-4
39. Excise Officer’s Visit Book to be endorsed on monthly basis.
40. Customer’s Drinking Permit-As per Rule (FLX-C) Rule 70-D.
41. Menu Card

B) Registration with Government authority:
As per rules and regulations applicable to FL3 applicants.

C) Place of rendering Services:
The place of rendering services generally shall be our office situated at 2 nd Floor, 496B, Om Apartment, Near KCC Classes, Kasba Peth, Pune – 411 011.
For, CS Pramodkumar R. Ladda
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