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Proposal for Certification on Valuation of Patents

Dear Sir,

As discussed, we are pleased to forward you our proposal with reference to the captioned subject.

Scope of the Services:

1. To carry out a detailed study and analysis of the patent
2. To evaluate operations and financial condition of the Company.
3. To analyze financial model of the Patent to understand its viability from a long-term perspective;
4. To work out a comparative financial model based on our review;
5. To make corroborative inquiries with the management.
6. To carry out inspection of documents/ records on sample or comprehensive basis depending upon requirement.
7. To prepare & submit a detailed independent report covering aforesaid aspects
8. To issue Valuation Report of Patent

Professional Fees:

We wish to inform you that Professional Fees for the above assignment will be INR 2,50,000/- {INR Two Lakhs Fifty Thousand only} plus Service Tax per patent.

In case of any explanation / information needed, please feel free to contact us.

Thanking you and assuring best of our professional services.

Terms of Payment:

1. 40% payable in advance to kick-off the process and;
2. Balance is payable immediately after submission of independent report.


1. Subject to timely receipt of information, documents and payment, entire exercise may take 30 – 45 days from the kick-off date.

Basic Documents Required:

1. Last 5 years Audited financial statements
2. Latest financial information
3. Business or financial model of the Patent
4. Next 5 years planning with detail projections of Company
5. Potential use of the patent such as legal, technological and marketing or strategic aspects
6. Major contracts or tenders availed by Company currently or in pipeline
7. You are requested to kindly convey your acceptance to the proposal by signing the second copy of this letter.

We look forward to have happy and mutually fulfilling association with you.
Thanking You.

Pramodkumar Ladda
Corporate Business Consultant and CS

I/we accept the above terms and conditions and authorize you to submit returns and documents with the government authorities on my/our behalf and also pay requisite filing and other fees and charges on our behalf.


About us

We CS Ladda Bhutada & Associates are a team of qualified Company Secretaries, holding vast academic as well as professional qualification. We provide various corporate advisory services on Business Establishment (Formation) in India or Internationally, Critical Licenses registrations, Corporate Compliances, Tax Planning, Due Diligence, Business Valuations, Mergers and Acquisitions, Business Restructuring, FDI / ODI and other FEMA related consultancy, Advisory on day-to-day business activities from Professional point of view.
We work collaboratively using connected thinking to develop fresh viewpoints and practical advice. We are always striving to cross new horizons by exploiting new avenues of services through new learning.
With innovative strategies navigating sharp turns with confidence we are committed to work with clients to deliver the solutions that help them take on the challenges of the ever-changing business environment without worrying about statutory compliance part.
We believe Courage, Concentration, Consistency and Co-operation (4C’s) can take you to greater heights and boost your morale to cross challenging milestones. We understand hard-work is an inevitable part of building strong business foundation. Promoters’ dedication leads the business. However, for running a boat, its owner needs a sailor who can sail the boat to its ultimate destination while facing all kinds of turbulence. Likewise for running a business, every promoter needs a ‘Navigator’ who ensures adequate risk mitigation system is in place to augment the yields. This also maximises shareholders’ wealth and leads to wider participation of investors in the business.
Role of a ‘Navigator’ is to make sure that Promoters’ duties and responsibilities towards employees, shareholders, investors, regulatory authorities and society at large are timely fulfilled.
Every business flourishes to its maximum level with the aid of a perfect Navigator who possesses ample steering experience with a close eye on current developments / regulatory environment.