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Note on Formation of Private Limited Company (Subsidiary) in INDIA under Companies Act, 2013 by JAPAN COMPANY

With reference to our discussion in matter of registration of Subsidiary Company in India. We are happy to render services for the same..

Sub.: Note on Formation of Private Limited Company (Subsidiary) in INDIA under Companies Act, 2013 by JAPAN COMPANY

As per our telephonic conversation, we are clarifying you detail note on running of business. As per Indian Law there are some types of running business.

 Private Limited Company
 Public Limited Company
 Unlimited Company
 Partnership
 Sole Proprietorship
 One Person Company

In addition to the above legal entities, the following types of entities are available for foreign investors/foreign companies doing business in India:
 Liaison Office
 Representative Office
 Project Office
 Branch Office
 Wholly owned Subsidiary Company
 Joint Venture Company
 Limited Liability Partnership, LLP in India
 A law to allow “Limited Liability Partnership” (LLP) in India has been enacted by the Parliament of India recently.


 A Non- resident entity in India can invest in India subject to FEMA requirements. A Non – resident Entity means and Includes Individual entities who are allowed to invest under automatic route in sectors declared as permitted sectors by Government of India.

Preliminary requirements for Wholly Owned Subsidiary Company:

1. Minimum 2 (Two) Directors {Atleast one of them must be a Resident Director}.
2. Minimum 2 ( Two) Subscribers (Members)
3. Minimum Paid Up capital: Rs. 1,00,000/- (Rs. One Lakh only)
4. In our case one will be company and another may be some other person appointed by you.
5. Documents required

We require the following documents from your end:

1. Proof of Identity:
For this 2 copy of PAN, and Passport or Driving License is required.
(Please note that the proof of identity discloses the Father’s name, Date of birth and Place of Birth)

2. Proof of Address:
For this 2 copy of Passport or Driving License or Bank Statement is required.

3. Photographs and education proof:
2 copies of recent colored photographs of each of the proposed Director and education proof of applicant.

4. Copy of valid Indian VISA, if any, of proposed Foreign Directors.

Note: In case any person who is foreigner, copy of passport must be furnished in addition to above and also the copy of all documents must be notarized and consularized in their country.
As discussed for Director Identification Number of foreign Director below mentioned documents are required

4. a) Passport copy where along with Name, Date of Birth, Nationality and second page of address should be available (In trial mail we received VISA copy
4. b) Any latest utility bill (water tax/gas bill/local body tax receipt of home country) OR LATEST BANK ACCOUNT STATEMENT where 30 days prior entry should be printed
4. c) All documents needs to be self attested by applicant

5. Copy of incorporation Certificate (Duly Notarized and Consularized) of the Parent Company if promoter if Foreign Company .

6. Copy of MOA & AOA (Duly Notarized and Consularized) of the Parent Company if promoter if Foreign Company.

7. Board Resolution Duly Notarized and Consularized of the Parent company if promoter if Foreign Company

8. Power of Attorney (Authorization Letter) Duly Notarized and Consularized of the Parent company if promoter if Foreign Company.

9. Current Occupation detail (Business/Employment)

10. Mail id and Contact Number

All the above mentioned documents should be attested by public notary in Foreign Country. If No Notary is available the documents have to be appostiled by the Indian Embassy in foreign country.

In case the above proofs are not in English languages, translation should be done by the Turkey notary/official translator

One Affidavit is to be signed by Foreign Director. The Affidavit also is to be notarized. It can be drafted only after we receive above mentioned proofs. So, we would suggest you to first mail us all Proofs, we shall then draft the documents and mail you and then they can get it attested.
Since if you wish to register as subsidiary that is with the existing name in Foreign Company, first we will have to check whether the name is available in India. If name is available, one NOC from the Foreign Company will be required. First let us know the desired name, thereafter we can draft the NOC. We will need constitution documents along with Registration Certificate of the Holding Foreign Company.

A) Services to be rendered:

1. Apply and certify for DIN (Director Identification Number) & DSC (Digital Signature Certificate)
2. Preparation of necessary documents
3. Preparation of Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association of proposed Company.
4. Liasoning with Registrar of Company.
5. Filing of documents with Authority.
6. To do all related activities till obtaining Certificate of Incorporation.

If Indian applicant is Director then documents Required for DIN:

Identity Proof:

a. PAN card- Mandatory
b. Photographs

Address Proof:

a. Bank Account statement
b. Passport
c. Driving License
d. Voters identity Card/Election Card
e. Aadhar Card
f. Birth Certificate (pl ace and district)
g. Any latest utility bill (Electricity Bill/ Telephone bill/ Gas Bill/ Mobile Bill) of home Country of applicant- Bill should not be of more than 2 months.

Name on Identity and Address proof should be same at both proofs. Same documents required for DSC (Digital Signature certificate) application also.

Qualification Details:

a. Educational Proof- Latest

b. 7 Passport size photographs

B) Registration with Government authority:

As per rules and regulations applicable to Private Limited Companies

C) Place of rendering Services:

The place of rendering services generally shall be our office situated at 496B, 2nd Floor, Near KCC Classes, Kasba Peth, Pune-411011.

D) Our Company Incorporation Services includes:

– Directors Identification Number
– Digital Signature Certificate
– Name approval
– Drafting of Memorandum of Association
– Drafting of Articles of Association
– Applying for PAN (Permanent Account Number)
– Applying for TAN
– Obtaining Rubber Stamps of Directors and Company
– Share certificates
– Bank account opening


Subject to timely receipt of information, documents and payment, incorporation of a company may take 15 – 20 working days from the kick-off date.

F) Professional Fees:

The standard Professional charges/fees for incorporation of Private Limited Company or Wholly Owned Subsidiary under the Companies Act, 2013, shall be discussed in meeting.


The place of rendering services generally shall be our office situated at 2nd Floor, Om Apartment, Sr. No. 496/B, Near KCC Classes, Kasba Peth, Pune – 411011.

For us clients are important and we are interested in keeping long term relationship with clients

CS Pramodkumar Ladda
Company Secretary

We accept the above terms and conditions and authorize you to submit returns and documents with the government authorities on our behalf and also pay requisite filing and other fees and charges on our behalf.

Thanks & with warm regards !

For, CS Pramodkumar R. Ladda
Company Secretary

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