Every growing company, at some stage in its lifecycle, needs additional funding. Today there are many ways by which a company can raise additional capital. Some of these include VC financing, PE financing and finally IPO. Raising additional funding or capital requires many statutory and legal compliances. One needs to have a very clear understanding of the statutory provisions, restrictions and procedures in respect of the capital raising or funds mobilization .

The Firm has the requisite expertise to offer to companies to take proper decisions by advising them about all factors involved in raising funds or additional capital. The IPO or investment related services offered under the aegis of the Firm range from advice to execution support to further statutory compliances:

  • Due Dilligence – Legal and Financial.
  • Data Room Creation.
  • Handling documentation – pre and post funding.
  • Private Funding Advisory and Assistance.
  • IPO Advisory and Assistance.
  • Also refer IPO under SME Sector